Mental Health


These pieces are blue themed, they are meant to portray my sadness through the overall atmosphere and color palette.


Here is a comic I made that gives a short introduction to my fear of change and how it impacts my mental health. It is meant to be a vulnerable and honest confession.


Limits is about the reflection and realization that there is so little we can really do as people, but that we still move forward and do our best until the day we are happy and well.


This collection was made in ARTD351 (Design Inquiry), I took this project as an opportunity to explore my mental health, portray my struggles visually, and process my own feelings. In order the pieces are Frantic, Melt, Stuck, Unsure, and Fragmented.


I used the bees in these pieces to represent my heart and feelings. They represent different kinds of hurt and where you feel it.

These are some extra works that are an exploration of my emotions. They’re a mix of sketches and panels that attempt to explain what I was going through at the time.